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Uber Eats Commercial Mark Hamill – Whizzes Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart have at last collaborated – in spite of the fact that showing up together in a Uber Eats business isn’t exactly what fans expected to see. Hamill and Stewart are two social symbols who are especially notable for their functions in Star Wars and Star Trek, separately.

To state that Hamill and Stewart have had renowned lifetimes is something of a modest representation of the truth. Beside his part as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, which Hamill repeated again in the Disney-drove continuation set of three, Hamill is likewise a voice entertainer. He’s rejuvenated characters on shows, for example, Batman: The Animated Series and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Stewart, then again, has a resume similarly insofar as Hamill’s, with acting parts in X-Men, The Kid Who Would Be King, and Hamlet, among different movies.

Prior today, Mark Hamill posted a 45-second commercial for Uber Eats on Twitter, indicating him and Stewart going head to head. The pair meet in what seems to be a deserted distribution center, before reporting what they’ll independently have for supper and quibbling over the way to express “tomato.” Before the two can get into a physical altercation, however, Uber Eats shows up with their requests.

In spite of the fact that the business is for Uber Eats, that didn’t prevent makers from tossing in a couple of Easter Eggs that make certain to amuse fans. Boss among them is Hamill and Stewart’s discussion partially through the commercial, when Stewart insults Hamill by saying, “Daddy’s not here to spare you.” accordingly, Hamill shoots back that, “[he] is [his] daddy.” The trade is likely a reference to Hamill’s Star Wars character of Luke Skywalker and his bent relationship with his dad, Darth Vader. While the sensational uncover of Luke Skywalker’s dad has been caricatured in a heap of shows and movies previously, there’s something without a doubt engaging about watching Stewart and Hamill riff to and fro in such a meta way.

A Uber Eats business isn’t the Star Wars/Star Trek group up that fans had as a primary concern, yet it will accomplish for the time being. Regardless of whether Stewart and Hamill don’t show up together in a film or a TV show, it’s as yet a pleasure to see the two on screen together, regardless of whether they are yelling about their supper orders. That being stated, beside pondering when the following Stewart and Hamill joint appearance will be, that solitary leaves one inquiry – is it articulated “to-may-to” or “to-mah-to”?

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