Tinderpals.com Review – Is Tinderpals Scam?

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Tinerpals.com Review

Tinerpals.com Review

Tinderpals.com is an online dating website.

But the response tinderpals gets is not so good all across the world. People on social media handelrs like reddit.com and facebook.com are sharing their not so good experience with tinderpals.

“Yo so I just had a “girl” try to get me to go to Tinderpals.com in order to “go meet her”. This “girl” apparently wanted to meet and hook up tonight, but she wouldnt do it until I went to Tinderpals.com and got some safe code? Obviously I told them sorry, not happening. Has anyone ever heard of this before? I cant really find anything about this website on google. I dont think its even a real website, kinda weird.”

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