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The Murder Tapes take a gander at the instance of Danielle Pruett, a mother of three kids, who was appallingly killed in Tazewell County, Virginia. The 29-year-old was accounted for missing on March 17, 2016, after a broad inquiry by various law authorization offices her body was discovered the following day in some confined woods.

how did shaun wakefield die

pruett had kicked the bucket from a dull power injury; her naked body was shrouded in a cover, and her garments had been left in different spots strewn over the ground.

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shaun wakefield death – how did shaun wakefield die in prison – shaun wakefield cause of death how did shaun wakefield die in prison

Shaun Matthew Wakefield went under doubt for the homicide rapidly. Video observation of him and Pruett demonstrated that he had been the last individual to see her alive.

Wakefield’s developments had been recorded

shaun wakefield cause of death

At the hour of the homicide, Wakefield was out on bond, having been accused of burglary for the third time, and he was additionally blamed for changing a medication screen. He had a broad criminal record that included robbery, theft, ownership of a gun by an indicted criminal, and medication charges.

As a feature of his bail conditions, he was required to wear an electronic lower leg arm jewelery, which permitted officials to follow his developments upon the arrival of the homicide, and they had the option to put him at the homicide scene. He had additionally been spotted driving Pruett’s vehicle before it was surrendered.

He was captured on March 29, and accused of capital homicide, burglary of an engine vehicle, and of disguising a body.

how did shaun wakefield die in prison

Wakefield agreed with Tazewell the County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, in this way maintaining a strategic distance from capital punishment, shockingly, for him, he was condemned in September 2018 to 57-years in jail, without the chance of parole.

At the condemning, two letters from two of Pruett’s youngsters were perused out; the two of them composed of the shock that Wakefield had caused them. Pruett’s girl expressed, “I trust you have torment and lament for the remainder of your hopeless life as you sit in a correctional facility.”

Her brother by marriage depicted Pruett as,” the best, kindest youngster, you will ever meet … a gave, persevering mother to her kids.”

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