Rewards Feed Scam – is Rewards Feed legit or scam?

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Do you want to know about the truth of Rewards Feed Scam? Read this reviews

Is it scam?

 If you are interested to buy any product from this website,

If you are willing to know about rewards feed, this article will help you a lot. In this twentieth century, you cannot trust anyone especial the online shopping stores without sufficient have knowledge about them. Online business is one of the top businesses in which you can loot any person and chances of your arrestment will be very few. But, thing is, how can we save ourselves from all these kinds of scams? To know all the tricks to scrutinize a website, read this article thoroughly.

What is Rewards Feed?

Rewards feed is a website which allows you to earn money without any effort. You just need to have a Smartphone and sing in with It will give you small tasks, after the completion of which you will get rewards by the company. But, it may be a scam. You should get all the information before signing in.

·        Newly Created Website which is the official website of rewards feed is just one month old. If you want to see its age, go to and place the web address of rewards feed. You will get its registered date which is: 2020-05-20. One month old website is very hard to be trusted. It may be scam to loot you. So think about it before buying anything through this website.

·        Hidden Email Address

If you place its website at, you will find that it has kept its email address in privacy. It has used privacy in place of its real email address.

·        Demands Bank Account demands your bank account to transfer the money to your account. If you provide it any of your bank account information, it is quite possible that it will hack your data. So, seemingly, you are at the high risk of losing your own money.

·        Many Identical Websites

Rewards feed has many identical websites like and All the websites have the same purpose? Why did it make all these websites? What will be the reason behind it? They might do so to cheat the people easily. So you should also keep this thing in mind.

·        No Office Address

It has not given any office address in its website which means it wants hide its real residence. Why is it hiding itself? Such a huge website which provides different kinds of gifts to its employers, do not has any office. This point makes this website highly suspicious.


We have gathered all the possible information about Rewards feed. According to our opinion, it is a scam. But, if it is not a scam, please share your experience with us. You are welcomed to tell us anything that you know about this website. All want to say is do not reply on any website without getting sufficient knowledge about it. It might be a scam and can spoil you money. So be aware of all these kinds of fraud.

If anyone of you has been swindled by any website like, you should file a case on that website as soon as possible. It is also your responsibility as a citizen.

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