Pinto Colvig cause of death – How did Pinto Colvig died?

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Pinto Colvig cause of death – Colvig was conceived Vance DeBar Colvig in Jacksonville, Oregon, one of seven offspring of Judge William Mason Colvig (1845–1936) and spouse Adelaide Birdseye Colvig (1856–1912). In spite of the fact that William Colvig was a pioneer, a lawyer and a recognized Oregonian, he was never really an appointed authority. Pinto moved on from Oregon State University in 1911 at age 18.

In the wake of wedding Margaret Bourke Slavin (1892–1950) in 1916, he settled with her in San Francisco, where four of their five young men were conceived (their last child was conceived in Los Angeles).

A long lasting smoker, Colvig was one of the pioneers in pushing notice names about malignant growth chance on cigarette bundles in the United States.

Colvig was the dad of the character and voice entertainer Vance Colvig, who likewise later depicted Bozo the Clown on a live TV program.

In 1922, he made a paper animation board titled “Life on the Radio Wave” for the San Francisco Chronicle. The element ran three or four times each week on the paper’s radio page, and endured a half year.

Pinto Colvig cause of death:

Colvig passed on of lung malignant growth on October 3, 1967, in Woodland Hills, California, at age 75. He was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City.

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