Medical Assistant or Certified Nursing Assistant?

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An often asked question from students still deciding on what path they should take is; Medical Assistant or CNA? Well, I might seem biased, but the Medical Assistant seems like a way better decision. Everything from the medical assistant job description, to the medical assistant salary (higher pay), and job outlook is better then the certified nursing assistants.

Back in the day, the medical assistant was seen as nothing more then a glorified office assistant. These days, it couldn’t be any further from the truth! Medical assistants are highly skilled and require many months of specialized training to be allowed to carry the title of a Medical Assistant. If you’ve ever been to a doctors office on a busy day, you know how hectic it can get. Without the aid and expertise of a well training medical assistant, the entire operation would crumble! They are the heart and blood to every well ran healthcare facility and their role should not be taken lightly. Compared to certified nursing assistants, whos roles are purely in assisting other nurses with mundane tasks such as wiping butts, cleaning messes, and other menial tasks, the medical assistant plays a crucial role in the day to day operations of a health office.

Furthermore, the medical assistant job outlook is much better then the CNA. CNA’s are slowly getting phased out by their superior counterparts, the licensed vocation nurse. Their job duties are literally getting sucked up and who knows, maybe in the future the CNA will cease to exist. Of course, that’s just speculation, but its better to plan for the future then facing a disaster and not knowing how to handle it.

So before you decide on whether to pursue a career in the medical field, make sure you do your due diligence and research further the roles of a certified medical assistant and the medical assistant job description!

Don’t Buy Into The Medical Assistant Vocational Schools…

You see the advertisements all over daytime television: “Become a medical assistant.” “Train to become involved in a challenging and rewarding career.” “Medical assistants are in-demand!”

One question may come to mind though. “How much is the medical assistant salary and what is the medical assistant job description?”

The answer is not so cut and dry. According to a PayScale statistical report, the starting annual salary range for medical assistants with less than a year of experience is $19,717 to $31,502. The average of those two figures is $25,610, but stating an average beginning salary could be misleading.

In terms of starting-salary statistics, the bell curve on figures is relatively flat compared to other fields of expertise. In other words, someone earning $21,500 their first year is just as common as someone starting at $28,500. A medical technician (as they are sometimes referred) earning closer to the average annual income is not much more common than the 25th and 75th percentile earners.

So what does this mean for someone beginning a career as a medical assistant? First, let’s remind ourselves – if the ads on TV haven’t done that for us enough already – medical technician personnel are in demand, which can only mean starting salaries are very negotiable … even in a slowly recovering economy.

Armed with that information, one may consider a back-of-the-mind question: “Isn’t 25 grand a year a bit low for someone who had to go to school for the job they have?” While no one’s laughing all the way to the bank in the medical assistant field, the income growth potential is promising. Individuals starting in the field can expect their salaries to increase by 70 percent in five years. Compared to a well-paying field like mechanical engineering (starting annual salary of $65,703), engineers can only expect their pay to increase 30 percent after half a decade.

While medical assisting may not be the most lucrative career, the pay increases ensure personnel always feel rewarded.

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