Kirsty Lagor Plymouth Death – Actual Cause Of Death

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Kirsty Lagor Plymouth Death – Reece and Leah are crushed as the updates on the death of Kirsty Lagor and Jack Kelly was conveyed. Their passing was declared on September 19, 2020.

Reece and Leah have made them devistating news once as well as twice this week

We are both taking a break from the salon and facility and have each other to solace and attempting to facilitate the agony

We will return to all customers throughout the following hardly any days/one week from now once we have had the opportunity to measure and mend

We really are upset for any burden caused to any of our customers however we will hush up for a couple of days

Kirsty Lagor and Jack Kelly reason for death is as yet obscure. We will refresh this when we have more data to go over.

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