jujumod.com Reviews > is jujumod.com a trusworthy store?

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jujumod.com Reviews > is jujumod.com a trusworthy store?


URL: https://www.jujumod.com

Store type: Personal care and hand sanitizer selling store

jujumod Store status – highly suspicious

We have propelled another assistance to check the Website Trust score and have found very low as3% trustscore.

We utilize a one of a kind calculation and man-made consciousness advancements to profoundly investigate the site substance to identify conceivably dangerous online shops. We can recognize known phony webshops, suspended webshops (for the most part because of fake exercises), suspicious area names that utilization trademarked words, potential nations of root (to identify China-based webshops), and that’s just the beginning!

Experts and Cons

Made sure about association

jujumod.com is secured by SSL (https). SSL is significant for any online shop. It shields its guests from go between assaults, and it keeps all interchanges encoded.

JUJUmod.com is very old. This is normally a decent sign. Most trick sites use space names that are under a half year old.! Enlisted on: 2019-12-16. jujumod is ofonly three months old.

jujumod.com has no mail server. This is a terrible sign.

jujumod.com has no mail server. This is a terrible sign.

jujumod.com isn’t well known

jujumod.com is utilizing charm trade stage

Online clients are encouraged to avoid the conniving site in light of the fact that the individuals who shop from it risk getting fake products or nothing by any stretch of the imagination.

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  1. This company is a fraud – i ordered $ 251.93 worth of hand sanitizer, toilet paper & sanitizing wipes on April 4, 2020. We have not received our merchandise, nor refund or any correspondence back from their so called customer service. Coincidence, it’s a Chinese company, registered on 12/16/19, selling these types of products, just a couple weeks before the pandemic started, probably not… Buyer beware for sure.

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