ivan mcguire death video

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A specialist parachutist tumbled to his passing when he hopped from a plane, clearly without understanding that he wasn’t wearing a parachute, authorities said today.

The Federal Aviation Administration is researching the passing Saturday of Ivan Lester McGuire to check whether pilot Mark Luman had verified whether McGuire was wearing a parachute.

McGuire, 35, was conveying video hardware to film an understudy and an educator from the Franklin County Sports Parachute Center when he hopped to his demise from a height of 10,500 feet.

Agents have precluded suicide and state McGuire, who had made in excess of 800 hops, may have committed his lethal error since he was worn out or engrossed with recording.

The video gear McGuire was conveying may have been confused with a parachute, he said.

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