Grant Harrelson Wade Hampton – What Is The Inside Story ?

Grant Harrelson Wade Hampton – Award Harrelson Wade Hampton has kicks the bucket in a sad fender bender on September 11, 2020, its beenconfirmed now that that 16-year-old Grant Harrelson, a congregation part, was harmed in an auto wreck Monday night.

Award and his family are exceptionally dynamic in the congregation and a significant aspect of the congregation network, the minister said.

The congregation said Grant’s loved ones met up at the congregation Tuesday night to appeal to God for the adolescent’s mending and solace, just as for different families included.

Award was among three understudies from Wade Hampton High School harmed in the disaster area, as indicated by a message sent by the school.

The school said every one of the three understudies endured wounds and were being treated at the medical clinic.

Four individuals who were executed in an accident on September 11 were additionally individuals from Taylors First Baptist, the minister uncovered.

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