Glendora Holmes Car Accident – Actual Cause Of Death

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Glendora Holmes Car Accident – Glendora Holmes Car Accident: Andrews High School’s Class of 1989 needs your requests and help right now. On this past Thursday morning, our classmate Glendora Montgomery Holmes was killed in a deplorable minor accident in Georgetown County. Glendora had as of late started her outing and was on the way to the air terminal; she was going to visit her young lady and grandson in California when she was in a head-on sway with another vehicle. A voyager in that vehicle lost their life as well.

We all in all vibe a unimaginable disaster and limitless pity, we’ve lost a classmate and a partner, yet a sister in love. We can’t begin to convey our real feelings toward Glendora’s friends and family yet especially for her four children and grandson who have lost their mother, grandmother, their nearest partner, their supporter and provider. In the event that you knew Glendora, you understood she treasured her adolescents and would go to inconceivable lengths for them.

That is the spot her family, the Class of ’89 phases in. We are mentioning your petitions and your help with continuing to help Glendora’s children in their period of mishap. We can imagine how hard it will be for them in the coming days, numerous months. In any case, we have to do whatever we can to encourage their budgetary loads. Every dollar given will go genuinely to them to help with school (she has two young ladies in College), bills, or whatever they may be requiring.

Thankful to you for your assistance and please continue keeping the Holmes and Nolan families in your petitions,

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