Fallzon Com Review – Is Fallzon Legit?

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Fallzon Com Review – Is Fallzon Legit?

Fallzon Com Review – Is Fallzon Legit? >>> lEts start our Fallzon Review. Scam or fraud is a common offense in Todays world. According to various studies, it is estimated that at least 30% of citizens have experienced this crime. The way in which a person can be deceived, can vary, the modus operandi of the scammers, they focus on studying each technological means, to obtain their objectives : Facebook pages, mobile applications, copy of a website for sale, even social networks. The criminal uses tricks and skills, to win the trust and attention of the customer , to sell poor quality products, keep the money from an alleged sale and make profits higher than the true cost of the object.

Fake Address

Fake Address – Fallzon.com has not any genuin address. The Postal address mentioned on their website is as “ Hannah Mcelea 252 Orchids RD, Levittown, NY 11756 United States”.If you search on the google maps the, this is the address of video game posting.

Fake Address – Fallzon.com

No Social Media –

Fallzon does not have any social media handler like Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. On the other side a genuine and authentic shopping store must have a good social media account to interact with its customers. absence of social media is a red flag of Fallzon.

No Real Reviews

Fallzon does NOT have any real reviews on the internet.

Domain Age of Fallzon

Fallzon.com was registered on 31-05-2020. It means Fallzon is just one month old. While a real shopping store must be more then three months old.

Unrealistic Deals

Fallzon is offering big discounts on every thing. Hows is even possible that a real shopping store is offering 50% discounts!!! Does’nt seem legit at all.

Final Verdict

We have found after excessive research on the internet that Fallzon is really a fake and a BIG Scam. Stay away and stay safe!

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