Disable Android screenlock Automatically When using Wi-Fi.

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Anyone is not going to like such a situation. Sliding, again and again, to unlock or putting the password (if your screen lock is password protected) at least not when you are busy at your work. Such a lock can be preferred when you are somewhere other than your home or some private place but a bit frustrating when being at your home and enjoying a private session with your device.

This problem can be solved out by using a nice application developed by Android developers and is also available at the Android market and that too free of cost. This app naming unlocks with wi-fi checks not to take you to the lock screen when you are using your wi-fi home network and checks your phone after some time when the display gets its time-out.

This application is very much user-friendly and also provides you with additional features other than just lock and unlock, such as it tells you with a ring or vibrates whatever you set when your screen is asking for lock and also when you are getting out of the range of Wi-Fi.
To have a check on the demo of this great app. have a look at the below video.

To download the app from Android Market free of cost visit the link is given below.
Unlock with Wi-Fi Download

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