Daev Zambia Death – Obituary – Cause of death!

Daev Zambia Death: We’ve all observed the video on DAEV who was captured and attacked by these three people, one of whom is Yo guide’s better half.

Regardless of the wrongdoing he submitted you don’t right an amiss with a wrong. These three chose to attack DAEV and record it, for what?

This video could be the fundamental explanation DAEV kicked the bucket ,he more likely than not suspected of the humiliation when the video spills thus his brain was not with him when he was driving and that could have caused the mishap!

May these three move into the open and disclose to the public why they did that and furthermore apologize to the family and nation everywhere or hazard being prosecuted for capturing and attack. The man who was taking the video is accepted to be a drummer kid at Crazy fish band, he is additionally a drummer for Mag44 and Pompi thusly we need to see Mag44 and Pompi and furthermore Crazy fish band to separate themselves from this demonstration.

In the event that this was a lady being assaulted we would have seen a few Women’s gathering come out to guard the ladies, let them come out and chat on these recordings as well.

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