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Scam or fraud is a common offense in Todays world. According to various studies, it is estimated that at least 30% of citizens have experienced this crime. The way in which a person can be deceived, can vary, the modus operandi of the scammers, they focus on studying each technological means, to obtain their objectives : Facebook pages, mobile applications, copy of a website for sale, even social networks. The criminal uses tricks and skills, to win the trust and attention of the customer , to sell poor quality products, keep the money from an alleged sale and make profits higher than the true cost of the object.

Currently, technology has facilitated the purchase / sale of any product , for this reason, millions of people see these media as the ideal instruments to carry out any business, buying / selling cars, computers, furniture, electronic items, tickets for shows, fashion accessories.

The scams are not always from seller to buyer, there are also false buyers, who manage to acquire the product without making any type of cancellation . Therefore, great care must be taken, both to charge buyers for the item sold, and to put the buyer’s money at risk without previously checking the object to be purchased. 

Here we present information about the buy / sell scam, so that you know the means that the scammer uses and the way to act, thus avoiding a rather uncomfortable situation.

Content of the page

  • What is the crime of fraud in the purchase / sale of products?
  • Internet and private scams
  • Recommendations to avoid scams buying / selling products
  • The Penal Code and cyber fraud
  • Scam model buy / sell product
    • Frequency of product purchase / sale scams 
    • Final thoughts

What is the crime of fraud in the purchase / sale of products?

It is one in which the circumstances of deception in a purchase / sale occur . To achieve his goals, the criminal uses multiple means to capture, through ingenuity and malice, the attention of a customer, to harm him in the sale or purchase of a good. In other words, they are those bad arts invented by scammers to circumvent the credulity of their victims.

Internet and private scams

The Internet is a tool that provides many benefits to millions of users. Since its appearance, society has undergone a constant transformation in the way of communicating, obtaining knowledge, getting information, presenting and promoting services and products on a massive and extensive basis. Faced with its constant evolution and innovation, the purchase / sale system has been one of the most lucrative and attractive possibilities of this medium, so much so that it has increased exponentially. In this sense, a large number of  have been created  , which have forced many producers, designers and manufacturers to have an online business, in order to stay in the market, obtain fruitful sales and be a very competitive company.

But all these advantages, on many occasions are clouded by scammers, who adapt this medium to their convenience to commit crimes and cause detriment to others. For this reason, you must be very attentive to the possible irregularities that you can observe, when deciding to buy a product by these means. In this sense you need to be very aware of each step, or procedure that the seller asks you, so you will avoid legal problems, loss of money and displeasure. 

Despite the scams, online shopping has increased in recent years, due to the options they offer consumers, therefore, we can see retail applications and stores on social networks that have many followers.

Buy / sell scams start with fake website design, or imitation of well-known retailers , with familiar logos and phrases, and a URL that’s easily confused with the real one. On these websites, items are offered at a much lower cost than usual and promise advantages in terms of shipping or delivery, overnight or free shipping. This is a hook that many consumers bite into, because they are drawn to considerable discounts and speed of service. 

But there are also scams from individuals, who use mobile applications to buy / sell new or second-hand products . These sales are very frequent, since it allows you to buy products at a good price, in a simple way and without intermediaries. The buyer and seller agree on all the procedures: delivery site, final price and method of payment.

However, every day it is very common that scams occur by this means, since the buyer when making the advance payment, cannot make the product, because it is difficult to locate the seller. There are many ways to commit a scam:

  • They deliver shoddy merchandise, knockoffs worth less than the discount price.
  • Sometimes you should wait in vain for your purchase to arrive.
  • They can seed fake sites, applications or links and email coupons with “malware”, which manages to infect your device and manage to collect information that they then use to carry out the scam.

Recommendations to avoid scams buying / selling products

The internet and social networks play a very important role in our lives, they have become tools that facilitate the daily performance of a person. In this sense, they have created technological channels that facilitate the purchase / sale of many objects, because they connect us with thousands of people and can guarantee us a more expeditious business. 

But you must be very careful when doing it, because we can fall into the fraud of a scammer, and be your next victim. To escape this scourge, you should be aware of the following:

  • Great care should be taken with exaggerated or very conspicuous discounts, bargain prices. 
  • D esign websites with misspellings or poor quality. 
  • Websites that are very new , until you can verify their legality.
  • Websites that require personal information to access or make downloads to enter. 
  • Limited or suspicious contact options , for example, that the account is not corporate, only have a contact form to complete.
  • Do not post more information than is needed.
  • Do not enter payment information unless the browser window shows a closed padlock or the URL of a site begins with “https: //”

– The act of introducing, manufacturing, owning and sharing or selling computer programs intended to commit a scam,

Scam model buy / sell product

We bring you a clear example of this type of scam. The event occurred in Ourense, the Prosecutor’s Office accuses a man of selling a computer for sale online, but did not deliver it after collecting the money.

Francisco AG, put a laptop for sale for an amount of 550 euros. After capturing the buyer’s attention, he managed to deposit the money in his account without handing over the device. For this reason, you must answer to the criminal court for the crime of fraud that the prosecution charges. This authority requests for him a sentence of nine months in prison, considering that he acted with the intention of deceiving the client.  

Frequency of product purchase / sale scams 

Many citizens around the world have been victims of this type of Internet scam. It is a very common crime, its frequency increases every day, therefore, regulating it is a very difficult objective , because criminals study the means necessary to reach the victim very well and, on the other hand, seek ways to prevent them from being discovered before from committing the deception and once perpetrated, they avoid being contacted at all costs. 

Victims are tricked into transferring money supposedly intended to pay for products, but in many cases, for example, they do not deliver the purchase or give them defective merchandise . After perpetrating the scam, they interrupt communication with the client and stop using the accounts they had to commit the scam, email, websites, social networks and disappear. 

Final thoughts

In recent years, the internet, social networks and mobile applications have become a double-edged sword, on the one hand it offers us many benefits, but on the other, they are the ideal medium for carrying out different kinds of crimes, among they scam buying / selling products. Great care must be taken and alert to avoid being affected.

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