420 Doggface208 – Know Everything About It

420 Doggface208 – A TikTok client has turned into a web sensation today after he posted a skateboarding video that web-based media clients are fixated on.

@doggface208 was a well known TikToker as of now, however he’s simply increased an entire burden more fans after he posted a video that is turned into a web sensation on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter.

Fans are enamored with his relaxed vibes as he shot himself skateboarding cool as a cucumber – watch the video underneath.


TikTok client @doggface208 has turned into a web sensation on the web-based media application after he posted a video yesterday that Twitter clients have become hopelessly enamored with.

The video got 4.3 million perspectives and 950,000 preferences in only 20 hours, and shows the man recording himself skateboarding while singing Fleetwood Mac and drinking cranberry juice.

Online media clients are fixated on the video, and its relaxed vibes are something the world truly required amidst a worldwide pandemic.


Since the video was posted yesterday (September 25th) web-based media clients have been imparting their insights of it on Twitter.

One Twitter client stated: “Goodness, to be @doggface208 skateboarding while at the same time tuning in to Fleetwood Mac and drinking Cran-Raspberry Juice.”

“I’ve discovered it, this fine individual is my 2020 soul creature,” said another.

The skateboarding video has unquestionably given a touch of quiet inside the tempest that is Covid-19.

Another web-based media client stated: “If there’s one video to desert in the wake of America’s breakdown, I state it ought to be @doggface208 skateboarding down a slope chugging cranberry juice lipsyncing Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.”


Nathan Apodaca, better known by his online media handle @doggface208 is a Mexican man from Wyoming. He is really enthusiastic about TikTok, with his record aggregating 840,000 devotees, and it’s sheltered to state his adherents love him.

As detailed by We Are Mitu, @doggface208 was acquainted with the online media application by his little girls, who showed him how to utilize it and helped him film his first video. He immediately got famous for his cheerful move recordings.

You can likewise tail him on Instagram and Twitter, and he even drew out his own scope of merchandise, advising his adherents to send him a message on Instagram on the off chance that they need to get it.

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