What Is Smartphone in 2019

What Is Smartphone in 2019 ! The iPhone turns 10 on June 29, and also the second warrants a return in the broader story about how mobile apparatus have changed how people interact. 
Here are 10 findings concerning these devices, according to Pew Research Center surveys: 1 - Around 3 quarters of U.S. Adults say they have a Smartphone Up from 35% in the year 2011, making the smartphone likely the most rapidly adopted consumer technology in latest history. Smart phone ownership is more common among those who're younger or more affluent. For example, 92% of 18- to 29 year Olds say that they have a Smart Phone Compared with 42% of these who're ages 65 and older. 
However, adoption rates have risen quickly among older and lower income Americans lately. From 2013 to 2016, the percentage of adults 65 and elderly who report having a smart phone has risen 24 percentage points. There's been a 12 point increase in smart phone possession among families earning less than $30, 000 yearly! 64% of those lower income Americans now have a smartphone. 2 Half of young adults live in a household with 3 or more smartphones. Over nine-in ten 18- to 29 year Olds say they live in a home with a Minumum of one smartphone, and 51% of teens say their home includes 3 or more such devices. 
Still, many elderly adults also live in families with multiple smartphones. For instance, 39% of 30- to 49 year Olds and also 29% of 50- to 64 year Olds say their home includes 3 or more smartphones. This is less common, however, one of those 65 and older, with only 11% saying it applies to their home. 3 Mobile devices are not just for calling or texting. Americans are using their phones to get a wide range of non-traditional phone activities, like searching to get a job, finding a date or read a book. Some 28% of U.S. Adults said in a 2015 Pew Research Center survey that they've used a smart phone as part of a job search. 
This is especially common one of younger adults, with 53% of 18- to 29 year Olds reporting doing this. Other Pew Research Center data show that 9% of U.S. Adults say they've used mobile dating applications, whilst the share of People in America who say that they read an e book utilizing a cell-phone inside the past year increased from 5% in the year 2011 to 13% in 2016. 4. The smartphone is becoming an essential tool for shoppers. While around 50% of U.S. Adults report making on-line purchases via their smartphone, many are also turn to their phones while in a physical store. Just under half used their phones while inside a store to look up on-line reviews or to try and also find a better price on-line for something they're thinking of purchasing.

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