What Is Google Adsense

What Is Google Adsense ! Like any Google AdSense Publisher, you may want to raise your Google AdSense revenue. Your AdSense revenue depends upon 3 factors: how many visitors to your website, the number of visitors who click on the advertisements, and how well the ads pay. Get any of these Factor to go up and you will earn more money from AdSense! - Google AdSense Revenue = Traffic x Click-through speed x CPC - Luckily you can control any of these variables. Increase your website traffic - There are various techniques to raise your website traffic. Basically, you receive more traffic as your website get closer to your top - Add your website to directories. 
Despite the fact that Google does most of this, you still have to maximize keywords and keyphrases on your pages. Make sure that the advertisement is visible, so listen to your Google AdSense advertisement: positioning - location of the advertisement on the page, i.e., top, bottom, side, incorporated, etc. Layout - leaderboard, banner, tower, etc. Colour scheme - standout colour scheme, versus blend in colour scheme. Utilize data and channel accumulated to experiment with the above mixtures to maximize the click through rate. Etc. In almost any case, never ask your visitor to click the ads or DIY. That is against Google AdSense TOS and you'll get thrown from the program. Increase how well the Ads pay Your choice will be limited with a proven websites since you have to keep webpages applicable to the website motif, but you might create new websites to focus on less affordable keyword phrases. You may do that by going to AdWords and see what advertiser are paying per click.

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